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Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church
A Place of Belonging 
2244 NW 126th St., Lincoln, NE  68521


Welcome to Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church.  We would like to welcome you to join us for worship Sunday mornings at 9 A.M.  We are a rural congregation near Pawnee Lake with a more traditional worship style.  However, the 5th Sunday of the month is a Contemporary Worship service.  As always, we have time for coffee and fellowship following each worship service.  You are welcome to join us at any time.

Breaking News for Zion Congregation

The Call Committee and Church Council have unanimously voted to recommend a Candidate for consideration by the Zion congregation to become our next Pastor.  The Candidate will take part in a regular church service (along with Pastor Fred Anderson) on October 16th (followed by a meet and greet opportunity for the Congregation during fellowship in the Nolte Center).  Please plan to attend this service.

As per Synod protocols the following announcement regarding a congregational meeting is as follows:

On Sunday, October 23, 2022 following the 9:00 AM service, a special congregational meeting will be conducted at Zion to elect a rostered minister of the church to serve this congregation.  The vote will take place by paper ballot and time for questions will be provided.

A two-thirds majority is required for the election of a rostered minister, no absentee or proxy ballots are permitted.  There will also be a vote on the recommended compensation package for the rostered minister, which may be decided by voice or hand vote, and requires a simple majority.  No other items of business may be conducted at this meeting. It is vitally important that Zion’s congregation be directly involved with this Call process.  Please mark your calendars to attend church on the dates identified above.  Remember, we must have a quorum number of voting church members at the October 23rd meeting in order to conduct the congregational vote.

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