(from Lincoln, Nebraska)

 When Using West “O” Street/Hwy. 6

  1. Go west from 9th & “O” St. (Downtown Lincoln).  When going past Sunvalley Blvd., the road turns into U S Highway 6.  Continue going west.
  2. When going past the flashing signal in Emerald, Nebraska start keeping track how far you are going.  You will need to go 3.5 miles (or to NW 126th St., roadway is paved) where you will turn right (to go north).
  3. Go approximately 1.5 miles north (going over I-80).  Just before getting to the driveway of the church, there is a “Church Entrance” warning sign.  Look for the church on the right (or east side) of the road.   You will see the large wooden church sign. 

  When Using U. S. Highway 34

  1. Leaving downtown Lincoln on I-180 (going north over I-80), then you will be on Highway 34.  Continue on Highway 34.  A few landmarks on your way are: Highlands Entrance (Traffic Signal), Kawaski, Air Base Road, NW 48th St. (Signal),  Nebraska Route 79 (going north Nebraska Route 55 (going north into Malcolm, Nebraska).  NW 112th St.(going south to Pawnee  Lake and north to Branched Oak Lake).  DO NOT turn off of Highway 34 until you reach NW 126th St. You will be turning left  (going south to the church).  This is a difficult intersection to find as it is just over the top of a hill, while continuing west on Highway 34.
  2. Turn left at NW 126th St. (you will be going south).  Go approximately 3.5 miles to reach the church driveway.  Coming from the north, there isn’t a church entrance warning sign before getting to the church.  The church will be on your left (or east side of the road).  You will see the large wooden church sign.

 The church cemetery is on the north side of the church and can be easily seen from the road.  To enter the church, turn left from NW 126th St. into the church parking lot entrance.

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